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About Us


With professional credentials, proven expertise, and an undeniable passion for what she does, LaTanya isn’t just a mentor; she is a mirror of who we can become when given the opportunity to thrive.

Now known for her immeasurable impact and fiery passion for the next generation, she also founded The Ugly Duckling School to be the change she wished to see in the world. Everyone's birthright to become successful.

Relentlessly bullied and teased throughout her childhood, LaTanya rebuilt her shattered self-esteem, piece by piece, and has shared her story as a transformational speaker and author on stages across the country.

That change is to prove that anyone can overcome their challenges and become the best version of themselves. That change is to transform the world – one confident leader at a time.

LaTanya Cosey

Founder - U.G.L.Y. Inc.

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YEARS in the making

A Movement to recognize and reach one's full potential


Our Vision

A world where people of all ages and backgrounds feel confident and prepared for any professional or social situation. We believe that etiquette is the key to success, both personally and professionally, and we are dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential.


Our Mission

We are committed to empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves through high-quality, comprehensive etiquette training that builds confidence and character. Designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of those we serve.


Our Approach

It's about understanding and respecting the people around us. Our approach to is based on the philosophy that good manners are not just a tool for impressing others, but a way of showing consideration, thoughtfulness, and respect.


Who We Serve

We bring our expertise and passion to:

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

We’re here to help young people be better, at school, home, and in the world.

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Donation Total: $100.00